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River Oaks Real Estate Agent


If you are looking to live in the beautiful small town of River Oaks Texas, then you need a River Oaks real estate agent.

Donna and Patrick Manley specialize in several neighborhods, and you can see a list and detailed description of each below…

  • in the loop properties
  • River Oaks Homes For Sale
  • Medical Center Condos

Find them on yelp. Homes for sale in River Oaks. Manley Realty Services can help you find your River Oaks, Houston Dream Home.

Some of the most exclusive Houston properties are in the River Oaks area. This is also one of the most famous neighborhoods in Texas, and has been home to many celebrities and famous Houstonians.


Manley Realty Services, PLLC
1711 Old Spanish Trail #421
Houston, TX 77054
(713) 256-1447

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If you are looking to buy or sale a home in River Oaks, then give Manley Realty Services a call at 713-256-1447.

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